If approaching from the positions of the universal creative art over systems which, as it is known, there are three: these are arts anthological, idealistic and sensual, then, in Salko’s creation we deal, first of all, with the anthological images based on symbols, incorporated with a sensual-romantic creative vision, inherent to an individual nature of the artist.

I should mention that, despite of his rich creative experience, the creator in the given period is at an initial stage of a creative way, a stage which further will move ahead by deepening existing and searching of new ways of creative expression. This persevering creator will constantly search for the new invariant embodiments of already realized and a new figurative idea that is a characteristic, eventually, features of the individual creative way, which name is “the Way of talent”.

Dmitry KRVAVICH, People’s Artist of the Ukraine, Laureate, State of Ukraine Shevchenko Award, Professor, Vice-President for Science Affairs, Lviv Arts Academy