However, his simultaneously excited and counterbalanced, creative character is not satisfied with the compositions of cleanly far-fetched, indifferently dry and any, graphical formal combinations or color correlations.

His spiritually rich creative nature filled with desire of philosophical, wholly mankind creative expression, is directed to disclosing deep human criteria of our present by the ways of graphic symbols created and coded by culture of mankind during millennia. These eternally existing, as a human society itself, the ancient truths are called by the creator, as a fundamental principle of thinking, ethics and morals of the person of our present. To the same extent the artist scoops both from sources of Christian belief, and from the antique, pre-Christian sources where he meets a huge amount of analogies, direct universal moral-ethical principles and positions

The artist has passed a hard way of creative becoming, a way filled with bitter disappointments and failures. However, due to the congenital persistence of character and creative will of the creator, he managed to achieve the end of vocational training and coming into being as a creative individuality. Yuri Salko is a modern artist, the person persevering and initiative, nowadays he has great creative life lengths, participation in many arts exhibitions in Moldova, Ukraine, Russia and abroad.

His creation is interpreted as something much unexpected. The unexpected in the creative-philosophical approach to open problems, peripetias of human spirituality that is the basic, penetrating theme of creativity of the master.

It is interesting, that an obvious, in works of the artist, ideological syncretism of Christianity and heathenism shocks no one, in fact the one or the other ideologies were recognized by the same persons and the same peoples. While forming any art image the master lacks an obvious mythology symbols in his hands, then he creates his own which in his artworks get accustomed easy with traditional, it is possible to say, that Yury Salko is also the creator of its own graphic mythology.

It is obvious, that in this small note where an attempt of the characteristic of the common style and philosophical figurative orientation of creativity of the artist is made, questions could arise. One of them – to which art-creative direction it is possible to attribute the artworks of Yuri Salko?..................>>>