ON THE WAY TO CLEAR SOURCES OF ART. Somehow it happened in the twentieth century that a lot of creators of the different countries have decided to refuse such categories in the art as the idea, the content, the image, spirituality, beauty... All these qualitative thousand-year purchases of the mankind for some reason suddenly appeared as though become obsolete. They have been declared to be out-of-date, unnecessary. Some have even considered, that they harm to the modern approach to the creativity, are as like a dominant of other kinds of a culture, especially literature, etc.

New art, avant-garde and modern art, create only within the limits of purely formal categories, categories which are unique to deserve a complete attention of masters of the real art, art which is free from any restrictions, except for these, just established frameworks. The frameworks, in the greater degree aloud enough, regulate essentially the creative process. Declaring its ideological sources to be in ancient currents of sign, symbolical, not imaging art, it was planned, leaving position of the modern “world of mechanics", to create to these techniques its own aesthetics, its own creative system, its own symbolism, its own anthology.

Really there was said a lot about a new materiality, a new concept of beauty, about antologization of modern art. And indeed, some kinds of modern art, especially abstractionism, which has limited its searches in the limits of the cultivation of the art forms, has given much for the culture of XX century: constructive architecture, modern urbanities of cities, aesthetics of buildings of the industrial enterprises, modern architecture of administrative and trading edifices, modern clothes, modern advertising, etc. The abstractionism has not disregarded any side of life of a modern person – it, neglecting spirituality, has not given only masterpieces of the fine arts. Being in movement almost a whole century, it, as a spiritual-creative culture, actually had lost itself, and the art appeared further on a way of search of its self-expression, on a way of search universal "I".

So many of just that kind or similar ideas were casted over by the masterpieces of a Ukrainian artist who works and creates in the capital of Transdniestria Tiraspol, Yuri Salko.

The artist Salko himself is a generated creative individuality with its own creative face, its own, inherent thoughtful nature, system of creative-philosophical thinking. Yuri Salko does not ignore XX century art purchases, in particular, avant-gardism, abstractionism, etc. ..................>>>