THE UKRAINIAN ACADEMY OF ARTS. I want to assure the society that you’ll receive the great esthetic delight, while having a contact with the creative work of Yuri Salko. He is a deep-thinking artist who gets inside the everyday life, inside those problems which exist through some definite associations, I even can say biblical, but these works of art are absolutely modern and they are fulfilled on the very high level. Emmanuil Mysko, Academician, People’s Artist of the Ukraine, President, Lviv Arts Academy

MICHAILIUK INTERNATIONAL AWARD COMITTEE. Characters, presented in the album, obtain special emotional significance and multi-associative content. They are marked by individuality of author’s materialization of eternal problems and are filled with human senses. Turning to the problems of mankind the author finds his own ways of materialization of the questions of existence, having his own reaction on the events and phenomena of last and present. The works of art are taken as a reflection of painful searches of the truth, as sounds of moral experience, as recollecting of some biographical facts of the author. And the sources of inspiration are the things, that worry the souls of people today, that find the unique interpretation of the fates of our generation, joy and anxiety, discovers and hopes of the beginning of the 21st century. Mr. Salko the Painter can be characterized by the following personal traits: High professional mastery, active social work dealing with cultural and spiritual rebirth, consolidating creative connections with different countries of the world, significant contribution towards mankind unification in the name of its progress and prosperity. Dmitriy Lomachuk, Committee Chairman

CONSOLIDATED TIRASPOL MUSEUM. The end of the 20th--beginning of the 21st century countenances are highly symbolic and meaningful; they exist at the turn of the times. They carry with them a hint of magnanimity and tenderness, aggression and evil; they bring with them a sense of expectation of kindness and light. People can be, and always and inevitably are, refined and uncouth, rude and respectful, reprobate and holy. This is what the Bible parables, the ever precious and wise, are all about; and this is what Mr. Yury Salko’s paintings are about, with bitter epiphanies and doubts vividly depicted in them. It is to people, to their sinful and saintly sides, that the author is extending his reflections, words of guidance and expectations of common human prudence and good deeds. The artist wishes for us, human beings, to exhibit those qualities. And I am hopeful that they’ll serve as the proverbial magic keys, unlocking a new millennium for us all, and we shall lend those wishes a due listening ear. Alla Melnitchiuk, Distinguished TMR Art Professional, Director, Consolidated Tiraspol Museum