THE BENOIS FAMILY MUSEUM. The author recreates dramatic consciousness, expressed, in its highest form, on his monumental works of art—monumental by the generous volumes of engrained pathos. The latter has been expressed, at different times, by way of turning to the Biblical themes. Mr. Salko was able to create his art in such a way that his paintings don’t reflect any ever-changing life energies or accidental, spur-of-the-moment impressions. Mr. Salko’s art exists in a completely different coordinates system– that of eternal relations and revelations. Having arrived to the amazingly-high art mastery levels, the painter utilizes the art methods characteristic of the 20th Century art, which may go unnoticed by the novice spectators. Tatiana Vergoun, Director, The Benois Family Museum

THE NATIONAL MUSEUM IN LVIV. In his pictures Yuri Salko has an active conversation with the problems of the modern society and even, in some kind, forecasts the tomorrow of the next century and millennium. The high mastery, individual style, original perception of the world puts Yuri Salko among the artists defining topic and style tendencies in fine arts. Vasiliy Otkovich, PhD Candidate, Fine Arts, Museum Director, Ukraine Shevchenko State Prize Laureate, Chair, Byzantology Department, Lviv’ Ivan Franko State University.

ENTHNOLOGY INSTITUTE, NATIONAL ACADEMY OF THE UKRAINE. The art exhibition of Yuri Salko proved the variety of turns of the Ukrainian creative mind’s functioning and complete, polyphonic, aesthetic platform where the new spiritual qualities of graphic are tried to be found. There’s only one author but one can pay attention to the rich panorama of questions asked of the modern world, to a strong will to embrace the eternal mysteries of mankind through the universal symbols, through the penetrating reading of texts from “eternal books”, through the artistic materialization of sensuality. Courageously and non-typically, Yuri Salko enters the extra-complete intellectual material. He finds his own formulas, laconic brevities, his own signs of the things that are taken as social values and moral experience. Some topics are saved in spectators’ minds as definite numbers of just revealed cosmic energy. Thoughtful attitude towards technical and technological methods and integrity of seeing the stylistic conception of every topic show the young artist’s professional maturity and enormous creative potential. Roman Yatsiv, PhD Candidate, Fine Arts, Deputy Director