WORKS HELD IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS IN: Russia, Moldova, The Ukraine, Crimea, South Assetia, Abkhazia, Romania, Armenia, Turkey, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Indonesia. ............................................. . WORKS HELD IN PRIVATE COLLECTIONS IN: Moldova, the Ukraine, Israel, Bulgaria, Germany, Slovenia, France, USA........ ...................... Took part in over 200 exhibitions, with 30 of them one-man exhibitions.

INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF MODERN ART IN ROME, ITALY. Have learnt art and scientific achievements of Mr.Yuri Salko, wanting to testify respect and official recognition of high endowments, which highlights he in terms of intellect and knowledge, he recognized The real member of the Academic Senate. The artist, having reached maturity in the noble art of classical painting, looked at him with fresh modern look. International Academy of Modern Art, recognized his work highest score and assigns it to Guild of the Academic Senate. Francesco de Benedetta, Ph.D. President of A.I.A.M. International Academy of Modern Art

THE STATE HERMITAGE MUSEUM. A new type of art, as it develops, has a large choice of venues to follow—and all of these venues lead into the unknown. And it is tradition, hard work and talent that guide the artists in their quest to determine which venues are right for them and most appealing. These notions can be combined under the all-encompassing notion of a “Master.” Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director, The State Hermitage Museum

THE STATE RUSSIAN MUSEUM. May I use this chance to comment on the high technical quality of this art work. Furthermore, may I commend you on being sensitive to the problems of spirituality and pains of the modern life. It is clear that you, as an artist, will keep developing your art far into the future, reaching new creative horizons. Aleksander Borovsky. PhD, Fine Arts, Head, Newest Art Trends Department, The State Russian Museum

FYODOR DOSTOYEVSKY MUSEUM-MEMORIAL. I’ve seen a large number of paintings exhibited on these walls, but few of them have impacted me in such a powerfully emotional way as these ones. I believe the themes of these paintings closely reflect the writer’s [Dostoyevsky’s] thoughts. This is truly the best kind of art ever. My heart-felt gratitude goes out to Yury Salko, the paintings’ author. Dmitry Dostoyevsky, Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Grandson